Sanaa Lathan Says No Truth To The Rumor She’s Flirting With Kobe Bryant

photo via BSO

Kobe has been locked up with Vanessa since his early 20’s. The NBA subculture has missed out on “single guy” Kobe. With the news of his marriage’s demise, expect to hear a number of “guess who Kobe is dating” rumors to pop up.

The New York Daily News got it kicked off early. At Last Tuesday’s Jay Z and Kanye West “Watch The Throne” concert there was a special VIP section for the show. Kobe was in attendance with Matt Barnes. Kim Kardashian, Beyonce and others were also in the section and actress Sanaa Lathan. TheRUMOR was that Sanaa was making a play for Kobe. Flirting etc etc. Sanaa has since come out and said that is FALSE, she was simply enjoying the concert and having a good time. And she also said this

We really don’t know what Kobe’s type is but we can speculate. I guess we’ll find out soon enough right? Oh and I agree, the concert was FANTASTIC!