Villanova Dominates Michigan 79-62 in the National Championship

Villanova was the favorite in San Antonio on Monday night, but many people thought Michigan would win. Among their number would be NFL QB Tom Brady, who even photoshopped his face on a Michigan basketball player over the weekend. Unfortunately for Brady, Villanova proved too much for Michigan this time, leading them to their 2nd national championship in 3 years.

Michigan’s Early Success

Michigan had a tall order cut out for them. Villanova has a great offense, and their 3 point shooting is prolific and precise. Fortunately for Michigan, they got off to an exceptional start defensively. Villanova only made 1/9 3-pointers to start the game, and they certainly looked stymied against Michigan’s ferocious defense. Michigan was at their apex early in the first half, and the game looked promising for them at this juncture.

Unexpected Sophomore Boost

If Villanova was going to mount a comeback, the usual suspects to spark such an endeavor would be Jalen Brunson, the team’s emotional leader, or Mikal Bridges, the team’s top NBA prospect. However, neither of these men was the key figure in Villanova’s first-half comeback. That honor went to sophomore Donte DiVincenzo, who scored 18 points in the first half, coming off the bench to make a huge splash.

Second Half Sweep

The second half was when Michigan’s wave really started to bottom out. As a matter of fact, the game started to get out of hand for Michigan in the second half. Villanova just figured out their defense, and they were able to do what they wanted offensively. The final score ended up being 79 to 62, and Michigan was in no position to make a late push.

Villanova’s Historic Run

Villanova has been on a historic run in the last five years. For example, they’ve won 165 games and 2 national championships in that span. Coach Jay Wright focuses on positionless basketball. That means lots of 3 pointers and quick players who move well in transition. It’s worked exceedingly well for him, and it will be fun to watch his teams in the future.