2018 MLB Season 6 Things to Look out for This Season

The 2018 MLB promises to be an exciting one. Here are six things to look out for this season.

Giancarlo Stanton May Have Massive Success with the Yankees

Stanton knows how to hit, and he wants to terrorize the American League East. It will be hard to give him a free pass because Aaron Judge is in that lineup too. This is one of the best dynamic duos since Batman and Robin.

A Lot of Great Players Are Unsigned

Baseball teams are using analytics more than ever. As a result, they have a better idea of when a player will decline, and what they really mean to a team. Many players, namely players devalued by the assessment, disagree with this new evaluation of their value. As a result, a lot of great players are unsigned this year.

Hyun-Jin May Return to Pre-Injury Form

Ryu was a great third pitcher for the Dodgers. He came over from South Korea in 2013, and he made a solid impact. However, he was derailed by a shoulder injury. Look for him to come back strong.

Watch the New Limit on Mound Visits

The MLB is pondering how they can speed up games. They decided limiting mound visits will help them achieve their ends. Now, you can only have six mound visits per game. This will definitely benefit hitters. Batting averages may go up this year.

The Dodgers Plumbing Broke

The Dodgers got off to an inauspicious start this week when their plumbing broke, leaking sewage all over. They had to cancel their preseason game, but they’ll be ready for the regular season. Will the return of Matt Kemp be the thing that gets them back to the World Series?

Every MLB Stadium Has Added More Netting

This makes the fans safer, but it makes it harder to see the field as well. Will this impact ballgame attendance?

2018 MLB Season Final Thoughts

What are you looking out for this season? Share your thoughts in the comments.