Usher Says He’ll Make A Call To LeBron James If Need be [Video]


Guess whose jumping into the NBA free agency recruiting game? Singer Usher Raymond is a part owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers – think Jay Z’s initial Nets investment if you’re curious about the approximate percentage. In a recent radio interview, Usher said he’d make the call to tell King James to come back home.


I love Usher, his new single “Good Kisser” is EVERYTHING right now. But do we need him to put in this work? I’m feeling like one of his throwback singles actually expresses my thoughts on this.

“You don’t have to call”

Usher – You Don’t Have to Call from DirectorX on Vimeo.


Just kidding his answer was cute and I just wanted an excuse to show off one of my fav “Ursher” videos.

Considering the Cavs just announced a capspace trade, which frees up $24 million – Lebron can sign with them for about $20 million per year – maybe Usher had some inside info.