TNT Remix: DWade’s Dunk, Shannon Brown’s too, from 23 to 6.

-DWade’s dunk on Varejao off the break last night was SICK! OMG he stepped over him. Wooowwww

– That was a GREAT game on so many levels!
– If LeBron decides to go to Miami, that would be scary.

– The timing of LeBron bringing up a possible number change was interesting. So was Jordan being courtside with Pat Riley. Pat Riley’s plan seems more likely. It worked in Boston right?

– Random thought, I think I’ve always had a weird crush on Pat Riley. LOL

– The Lakers and Ron are starting to figure it out and Pau’s not even back yet.

– Shannon Brown is getting it done! 2 crazy dunks then he stepped back and hit the 3. He was the real prize in that trade. But Kobe nicknaming him Go Go gadget Calf muscles??? :Pause: No more nicknames Kobe; Please and THANK YOU.

– Really you want to take the entire #23 out of existence of the league?? At this point do we really think anyone doesn’t understand the importance of Michael Jordan to the game. There is such a thing as overkill. We’ve reached it.

– Byron Scott first coach cut. Who didn’t see this coming, apparently Chris Paul… Alrighty then.

– Charles Barkley is clearly STILL Bitter at the Rockets. Wow that’s a long time to be mad. And did he throw Scottie Pippen under the bus or what? WOW