Thursday Night TNT- The Remix

If you missed last night’s double header on TNT, my condolences.

– The first game was the Nuggets vs Cavs. LeBron & Carmelo guarded each other the entire game. Shoot out! The game went into overtime as Bron & Melo went basket for basket. Melo however got the last points as Nuggets win 118 to 1116. Melo had 40 on the night and King James, a nice triple double 43 points, 13 rebounds and 15 assists. Wonder who’ll get MVP this year!

You know it was a “different” sort of game when Ray Allen is Posterizing Shannon Brown

But Ron Artest & LOK (that’s Lamar Odom-Kardashian) redeemed the Laker pride

* Still wasn’t enough as Celtics win by 1 just like we did on their court a few months back. Lakers managed just 2 points in the final 7 minutes after taking an 84-80 lead. Yeah we need an option for DFish. Oh well, see you next year Celts, savor that victory because you won’t be close until next season.

Lastly, Spotted: Khloe repping her man on her nails like Kim did @ The Superbowl. Rhinestone LO just for boo

*Her ring is SICK! I Love it if you were wondering.