The Fierce Five: NBA’s Top 5 Point Guards

Being a point guard in the NBA is the equivalent to being a quarterback in the NFL or shortstop in the MLB. The position just carries a bit more weight. Point guards are tasked with making a whole team better. They are constantly touching the ball and are expected to distribute and put teammates into the best positions possible.

In today’s NBA, the position is no longer expected to just pass and set up teammates. The position has evolved into a more dynamic role that requires more scoring ability. We’ve seen some players flourish with the extra tasks, and some fold.

We’re going to look at the players who most successfully accepted their newfound role. Here are the top 5 point guards in the NBA.


  1. Russell Westbrook

Westbrook is a dynamic player at any position in the NBA. He runs like a gazelle, jumps like a frog and has hawk-like vision. Russ is a two way player that can control a game on both sides of the court. The only thing that may hold back Westbrook from becoming the best point guard ever, is playing alongside Kevin Durant, who commands 20-25 shots per game.


  1. Steph Curry

After the way he played last season and the record setting pace he and the Warriors are on, it was tough to hold him out of the number one spot. He is a lights out shooter that is in range as soon as he crosses half court. He may be the best scorer in the league right now, and best shooter to ever step foot onto a basketball court. The reason he was held out of the number one spot was his lack of defense. Though he is not a horrendous defender, he cannot control his opponent the way Russell Westbrook can. In fact, when the two play Westbrook often gets the better of the reigning MVP.


  1. Kyrie Irving

Irving is one of the most talented players at the position, but injuries have prevented him from becoming the star he was once expected to be. With that said, he is still one of the league’s best point guards, namely because of his uncanny scoring ability. Irving has the ability to go off for 50 points any given night. Like Westbrook, Kyrie will forever play second fiddle to LeBron, and may never get a chance to show what a dynamic talent he could be.