LeBron James Says His “Beautiful Mind” is Responsible For Cryptic Tweets

LeBron James is mind fu*king the whole world of social media this week. The King has been posting cryptic tweets and Instagram posts lately during a time where rumors are swirling that Kyrie Irving wants out of Cleveland.

The team still currently holds the number one spot in the NBA’s Eastern Conference, but its clear that all isn’t right in “the Land.” A sampling of Bron’s subtweets

Let’s not forget this interesting work out video he posted. This video comes as a follow up to last week’s blow up about his mid-season workout with Dwyane Wade in Miami.

LeBron says if you get it, you just do. Don’t be mad that he had a beautiful mind.

via Cleveland.com:

“If you have an educated mind, they hit home for you,” James said Monday, after the Cavaliers’ shootaround in preparation to play Memphis at The Q. “Last night I tweeted that consistency and structure breeds perfection and if you take a short cut, or if you don’t handle business then you come up short. I think everybody should understand that.

“It’s nothing between the lines, it’s just, life,” James said. “You can’t shortcut being perfect or trying to be as perfect as you can, or trying to get to a point where you just feel like you can succeed.

“So, for educated minds, it should be fine.”

James said on Monday that “conflict throughout the course of a season … builds character. It builds even more trust.”

But he also said he wasn’t tweeting to create internal conflict on the Cavs.

“It’s just my mind working, that’s all,” James said. “I don’t know if anything started it. Just my mind working. I got a beautiful mind and I want to use it sometimes in a social manner.”