The Assist: Celebs Come Out For Lakers vs. Knicks

The Knicks are probably the only other NBA franchise that can rival the Lakers in terms of courtside star power at games. It’s only fitting that when the 2 teams meet up at Staples Center that celebs from both coasts peppered the courtside:

Spike Lee is ride or die for the Knicks. I’m sure its so much sweeter now that the Knicks are actually worth watching! Alyways nice to see Denzel. Ciara… eh why the glasses. She’s doing a lot

Gossip Girls' Michelle Trachtenberg

Isn’t she rumored to be dating one of the Knicks? Lip color and ring are simply divine.

Nice to see Lindsey Lohan out and about.

Not sure that I’m a fan of Khloe’s new hair color. But I’m all about switching up your signature look every now and then. Maybe it’ll grow on me.

Postgame, Kobe is still showing support for Michael Vick! He was said to be really upset that the Eagles lost last night. Me too Mamba!!

Oh my Lakers took this one by the way, 109-87. Ron Ron flashed for like 2 seconds and almost choked out a Knicks player. Head over HERE to check out that footage!