Basketball Wives Season 2 Episode 4 Recap

“The Circle” has not disappointed this season! Let’s get right to it.

Why would Evelyn and Jennifer expect to be invited to Ashley’s charity event. You tried to clown the poor girl at her last event and you didn’t even seem to enjoy it. Is the only reason you’re going to bust up the fun?? Of course it is and that’s what makes them fun right!!

Tami’s first introduction to Suzie was entertaining but not as delicious as her first meeting with Ashley:

Tami asks Ashley, “Who are you?” Heh. “I guess you’re asking, who’s my man?” Tami also very brazenly asks if he’s ever cheated to which Ashley responds, “That isn’t an issue”.

Perhaps not but I do find it odd that the captions always refer to her as Mother of Rafer Alston’s child and not girlfriend. Maybe it’s an oversight.

But back to the party and Tami, keep in mind that those questions were before Tami REALLY started drinking…

And before I forget, Royce is a little FIRECRACKER, this was her first time meeting Tami too. She didn’t let Tami intimidate her one bit.

But now on to the stuff we really care about! The party crashers!!!

Suzie got the hell up out of dodge when she saw Evelyn and Jen walk in. While I get that she doesn’t want to deal with the drama, where is her BACKBONE?? Evelyn really has her shook. I don’t know why I find that so funny.

By this point, Tami is FULL IN on whatever adult beverage she’s been sipping on and has lost whatever filter she usually keeps in place (although I’d venture to say that the difference between a filtered Tami and the full blast one isn’t too far apart on the extreme chart). Tami ever the diplomat volunteers to fill Jen & Evelyn in on why they weren’t invited to the evenings festivities!

If you missed the “foodstamp altercation” please take a look at this clip. Or if you’re like me, watch it again to notice more kicks and giggles you missed the first go round:

Jen, your dad picking you up in a Porsche means little to nothing, people in the hood have all sorts of luxury vehicles. :shrug: But this argument was bound to happen, perhaps they should’ve called a meeting like they usually do instead of it being public at the Viceroy (I like it there, by the way, it’s cute its all about ambiance, the one in Santa Monica is equally adorable)

But back to the topic, I’ve never seen a food stamp either but I hear they use a debit card situation currently so it’s a moot point right? :giggles:

The only other topics I bypassed were more discussion on Jen & Eric’s impending break up and Shaunie’s shoe line, botched photo shoot with The Source and a dinner with her boo Marlon. Eh who cares (but I guess that’s the balance required to justify the fuckery yes?)

Oh and how can I leave out Evelyn picking up the current “Baller Chick” Vehicle of choice, the Porsche Panamera

Can’t wait for next weeks episode! The Circle is my guilty pleasure!!