Take A Look Inside Dwyane Wade’s GoodBye Miami Dinner

Dwyane Wade said his goodbye to Miami over the weekend, before heading off to Chicago for the next phase of his NBA career.


DWade’s farewell party – and the after party DUH – featured lots of symbolism using the number 13. That’s the number of years he played for the Heat, ex-teammate Josh McRoberts gave him a 13-year old bottle of alcohol. The club brought out 13 sparklers and bottles. The word loyalty was also brought up by Chris Bosh. In his toast, Bosh spoke of some using the word but not completely embodying the spirit of it. Gabrielle Union posted some of the night to her Snapchat account.


“They just say it because they can say it, because it’s a word. The loyalty that you have shown and exercised for 13 years here. You said, like somebody’s going to fill in the shoes, walk behind, it’s never going to be done. They’re too big. Nobody can ever walk behind you. I’ve admired you. I’ve always admitted you. You’ve been not only a friend to me but a role model. Chicago has gained just an incredible person. I’m jealous of that. There’ll never be one again. Cheers.”

The Bosh’s going away gift included a Chicago Cubs dad hat with Miami-themed pins and a Christmas tree ornament with a photo of DWade and CB.

Udonis Haslem – DWade’s teammate for all 13 seasons in Miami and the 3 titles that came with that run – offered his own toast, where he focused on DWade getting the chance to end his career at home. Haslem has spent all of his NBA career in his native South Florida.

“You started in Chicago,” Haslem toasted, “and you’ve been all around the world and you’ve gained so much exposure, so much success, and then you end back in Chicago. And I think there’s a reason for that. I’ve played my whole career in my hometown my whole life, so I know what an incredible experience can be. So I actually, as a friend, I would love him to experience that.”

Haslem joked about how he had to share the South Florida limelight with Wade these past 13 seasons, with both joining the Heat in 2012-13. He said that, too, was a pleasure.

“I was like, that’s my boy, that’s Wade County,” Haslem said. “We were able to divide it. I was like, all right, you take downtown.”

The Heat and Bulls open training camp Sept. 27.