Iman Shumpert Comes Clean About Cheating On Teyana Taylor

The life of a young professional athlete will most likely include moments of diving off into various social media DM’s. For Cleveland Cavs guard Iman Shumpert, his summer of 16 went from celebrating to apologizing.

First came word that Iman got popped in August for a DUI – he was high off weed coming from his “home girl’s house. Soon after Iman posted on IG that he would be “Uber everywhere.” But the problems were just starting.


Perhaps it was because of the location where he was coming from, he and his fiancée, Teyana Taylor, posted a video of the two scrolling threw his DM’s looking at all the things women slide in there with.



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Usually when public declarations start showing up out of nowhere, you can expect some sort of blast is on the horizon. A woman then slid proof of her and Iman’s adventures to Famelos Blog.


There also was a misunderstanding on Instagram about his reasons for reaching out to model Sarah Snyder – actor Jaden Smith’s girlfriend – on social media

Today Iman has come clean about his indiscretions. Naturally a lengthy Instagram post with an apology starts it off, and a new song.


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I was young. I was selfish. I’ve broken hearts and been insensitive to them. I never really cared what the Internet said of me until now and it’s not because they’re antagonizing me…they are now directing hate toward a woman that gives off nothing but positive energy and deserves nothing more than the world that I vow to give her. I normally wouldn’t acknowledge this type of thing but you guys win. If you’re going to send the hate, direct it at me. Don’t make her pay for my mistakes. I’m older now, I’m different now. It’s Peace and love. Don’t make her pay for the mistakes of my past. “His Story” out now. Word to @Karencivil ????????#post90

Another post said breaking up isn’t an option.

It ain’t no breaking up. Junie’s gonna grow up with both her parents and siblings. The bitterness will get you no where. Just spread love. #post90 #youhatethatyouloveit