Spotted: The Playoff Edition

Shannon Brown. Mmmm Just because he's cute!

It’s been awhile since I created a SPOTTED post. This one will feature highlights from the playoffs:

Justin Timberlake

Dwyane Wade and his Son @ Game 5 of the Finals

Aubrey O'Day formely of Danity Kane with Jon & Donnie NKOTB for life... ok that was a joke!

Leonardo DiCaprio & Kevin Connolly @ Game 2. Entourage is back on Sunday!! YES

Chris Bosh & his girlfriend check out Game 2. So Lakers sign & trade or to Miami with DWade?? July 1st is almost here.

TO & Sheed! I wonder if Terrell ends up on a team this year. I noticed in a spot for his VH1 show he said he was focusing on life AFTER football.

The Khardashians have proven to be a sports franchise's Lucky Charm. Saints win the Super Bowl and the Lakers win the NBA Championship. Some MLBer needs to scoop up Kourtney

Mamba after the Game 2 loss. See he wasn't worried!!