Basketball Wives Reunion Episode recap & Behind the scenes highlights

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The Basketball Wives reunion was more like a recap episode. Gloria not showing up and Sandra AKA Plastic Surgery AKA Miami’s Groupie Representative… “allegedly”  were really the only highlights of the show. But we’ll dive in anyway because I have a few thoughts to share!

Gloria didn’t show up and has already indicated she won’t be back for season 2. I think you may see she & Matt pop up but more on that later.

The ladies let out ALL of their feelings about Gloria. I’ve said it frequently I like that Gloria holds her own but the condescending manner which she delivers it rubs the wrong way.

Are the ladies a tad Catty about the whole thing? Of COURSE, that’s why we watch! Per Gloria if you see her on season 2, it’ll be surrounding her wedding which takes place on August 21st. Mmmmm sounds like she & Matt will be “Very Special Guest stars”. Gloria’s explanation as to why she didn’t show;
1. It was while Orlando was still in the playoffs, she wasn’t missing Matt’s game to spend time with women she doesn’t care for (She & Susie are still friends though and communicate via Blackberry… that Susie seems to be a SNAKE to me)
2. She claims to have only watched 15 minutes total of the entire season. ::shrug::
Ok Gloria. ::giggles::  You can check Gloria’s interview HERE for more details about her no show.
I’d also suggest (AGAIN) that Matt chills on the twitter war with the ladies. It’s not very masculine and considering his free agent status starts July 1, what team wants to consider a Messy MALE as their 3?
And now, the other highlight of the RECAP (come on, you know these 2 segments were the only interesting parts.  Next time just have a marathon)

Can I go on record and say, I believe Sandra. Was there malice in her heart? Absolutely. Did she perhaps add a little spice? You BET! But, I saw the lump in Jen’s throat as Sandra was speaking.  And it had to have some bits of truth with all the “BLEEPING” of names. Considering Susie went to grab the ice bucket from her dressing room and you know (Splash) … YOU MAD??

Susie's twitpic before the show kicked off

As I said initially, Jennifer should never have opened the door to allow this chick to feel relevant by addressing her at Chad OchoCinco’s party.

Infatuated with this BrianLichtenberg dress!! Jen looked amazing

Perhaps she was just trying to add drama to the show and ensure that there were fireworks but as a woman, you never allow another woman to feel she can tell you about YOUR relationship and YOUR husband.

Other points of interest:
  • Royce, these ladies are not your friends (well maybe Jen & Shaunie) the tears, while touching should’ve been explained so that people understood you weren’t crying because they accepted you, but because you were allowed to show the world the real you… Not making that reasoning up, that’s what she said on twitter
  • Susie, if you’re going to run up on a chick and throw water, don’t run away after. Just skip the whole water tossing. Being detained can’t be fun. Did you prove your point effectively? No??? Just ended up with a possible assault charge and maybe a civil suit.. that’s fun
  • I like Tanika Ray (the host) but not for this reunion. It just didn’t work for me. VH1 I told you to call me!
Season 2 starts filming in Miami in July! Here’s a few behind the scenes that didn’t make it to the air (the ladies taped for a little over 5 hours which might explain the choppy editing)

– Finding out that Shaunie met Royce via Twitter (in retrospect: duh!).

– Evelyn saying the following three sentences: “I have someone. He’s 25. It’s nothing serious.”

– Tanika Ray trying very hard to get Shaunie’s young boo, Marlon Yates, out on stage (Marlon was hanging out in the back and literally ran when he heard his name being called).

– An dance-off between Jen and Royce orchestrated by Tanika — Jen dropped it like it was hot, while Royce did a surprisingly conservative dance.

– Shaunie’s recounting of her pre-split epiphany: “I’m focused on these women and where he’s sticking it, and I realized that life is so much bigger than that. People are dying!”

– Evelyn recollection of a bizarre request from a fan: “Somebody told me he’d give me $2,000 to sniff my feet.”

– Suzie’s reveal of what she’s looking for in a man: “I just want somebody who can be my beset friend. Someone who can take some chilled Patrón shots with me. And that’s it.”

– The hour+ spent on Jennifer alone, as Tanika practically grilled her about her situation with her husband Eric.  Anyway, Jennifer’s extended segment basically came down to her saying, “He’s definitely pissed me off, but when a person is making an initiative, it speaks volumes.”

– Suzie reflecting on her al fresco drink-throwing with Sandra: “[Throwing drinks] is what you can do without going to jail.” Maybe to a point — of course, going to jail is exactly what happened after Suzie threw a bucket of water on Sandra during the reunion’s dramatic climax. What you didn’t see during the show is that after Suzie poured the bucket and then shoved Sandra, Sandra fell down face-first. It was shocking and seemed like a really, really serious injury…until Sandra got right back up and demanded for people to tell her where Suzie was. Literally, she went from on the floor to on her feet in seconds. As she was speaking to producers and wringing out her hair right in front of the table. More deets, check HERE

We see you Sandra Get your Promotion on!