Snapshot: The Start Of The NBA Season

2 Clipper Rookies arrive for their 1st NBA game

Willie Warren and Eric Bledsoe

Better than that, Blake Griffin’s official arrival to the NBA:

  • Hello! Blake ended the night with 20 points and 14 rebounds in a Clipper loss to the Blazers.

Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images

  • Monta Ellis went off for 46 last night in Warriors vs. Rockets. Was ANY defense being played in this game? 132- 128 Warriors.

  • Russell Westbrook is the TRUTH! Russell vs. Derrick Rose will be one of those PG match ups you look forward to watching. The Thunder win Head to Head comparison: Russ 28 points, 10 Rebounds and 6 assists. DRose 28 points, 4 rebounds, 6 assists. Freaky!
  • Chris Paul had 16 assists last night in a win over the Bucks
  • 37 year old Jason Kidd had 18 assists in a Mavs win over the Bobcats
  • The Cavs can feel bigger than Lebron for a day. They beat the Celtics but the 2nd night on Back to Backs will obviously be an issue for the older Celtics team

  • DWade prefers that you no longer refer to him as Flash (who didn’t see that coming?) But he would like you to remember that this is still his team and Wednesday night was his mini pre-season. He scored 30 last night in a win over the Sixers. Chemistry, gelling as a team, taking turns, whatever you want to call it. We still have 80 more games to watch. But the Heat SHOULD beat the sixers, nothing out of the ordinary about that. Chris Bosh looks lost on the floor. No Point Guards required??