Football Wives Episode 2: Injuries & Finances

Episode 2 of Football Wives delves into an area not covered on its sister show Basketball Wives, injuries.  The NFL doesn’t have guaranteed contracts like the NBA. Every season most pro “foot” ballers are an injury away from being cut. The impact this has on their families’ psyche and financial stability is explored from the Superstar perspective of Deion Sanders &  through a journeyman’s story, Ryan Neufield and his wife Dawn. One thing I already appreciate about Dawn is her openness regarding the monetary strain this lifestyle has caused her family.

The average NFL salary is roughly $770,000 a year (and if they’re cut, like most Americans, they’re responsible for their own health insurance). The average NBA salary is $3.4 million.

Don’t worry, the catty aspect is still flowing in this episode also. They might need to kick it up a notch as the premiere episode scored a .4 in the ratings which is approximately 700,000 viewers.