Should Laker Fans Be Panicking?

After the 17 -1 sprint the Lakers held following the All-Star break everyone knew the Lakers had entered into playoff mode. Now the Lakers have lost 5 in a row (to the Nuggets, Jazz, Blazers, Thunder and even Golden State.) Once again people are questioning if this team has what it takes to repeat as champions in June.

The Lakers haven’t lost this many in a row since 2006-07, when they dropped seven straight in the last season before Gasol joined the team.

I’ll admit the timing of this slide has me a tad nervous. But I also understand that with a Veteran team that’s programmed the way the Lakers are, boredom can become the biggest enemy. For years I’ve lamented that one of the Lakers biggest issues is “the switch”. Because the team is so good, they rely on the ablitity to “turn it on” when it counts. So far, it’s hard to argue against that theory.

“I’m surprised,” Coach Phil Jackson said about the Lakers’ rapid decline. “We were complacent a little bit. I told them yesterday at practice I didn’t think we’d be able to turn it around in one game.”

Especially when you take into consideration, the total breadth of their record:

Lakers streaks this season: Lost 5, Won 9 of 14, Won 17 of 23, Won 21 of 30, Won 22 of 32.

I guess the up and down is what makes the game fun. People often say there’s no competition in the pros and that there are really only a handful of teams that are serious contenders for the title.  If that’s the case why are Laker fans and foes suddenly turning into chicken little yelling the sky is falling?

Lamar seems to have it all in perspective:
Ok, I don’t know how great of an idea that was but he has a show to promote damn it!  Sorry my tummy will continue to do 180’s until the Lakers show and prove once again! 6 more days until the playoffs begin. Will the Lakers be at the top of the standings or fighting their way from the middle of the pack? I guess only “the switch” knows at this point.