Olympic Gold Medalist, Carl Lewis Is Running For A New Jersey Senate Seat

I’m uncertain that I recall sprinter, Carl Lewis ever being involved with public policy. It’s quite possible I simply missed his early forays into the political landscape.

That certainly won’t be the case now as the Olympic Gold medalist is set to announce his plan to run for a New Jersey Senate seat.

Lewis, 49, is expected to run as a Democrat and face off against Republican state Sen. Dawn Addiego for the seat covering the east side of Burlington County.

As with the average person, the 10 Gold medals aren’t what come to my mind when I think of Carl Lewis. The first thing that comes to mind is will Carl use this platform to take a stand on Gay rights issues (let me back up, I do NOT know of anything concrete, it is simply a thought I have ling held and I’m open to the possibility that I could be wrong and really it’s not about whether that determines if he’s qualified for the job, just wondering if he’d lend his voice to that cause. I think it would be good, IF it appeals to him)

The second, his performance of the National Anthem… Classic material!