Shaq Retires From The NBA Via Twitter [Video]

Shaq is DONE!! Today Shaq announced via video on Twitter that he’s retiring after 19 years in the league (of course using social media, what else would you expect?)

Shaq has always been entertaining, the last few years of his career have been questionable but there is no denying what he’s brought to the game of basketball. Someone his size with that much power but still light and nimble on his feet… wow, it was amazing to watch.



I don’t think Shaq is one of the players you have to worry about transitioning. He may have overstayed his career just a bit, but he always has a plan. With Kevin McHale being hired to coach the Rockets, that means there’s an empty analyst spot at TNT/ NBA TV… I just wanted to put that out there. Plus, we have his reality show with Hoopz coming up.


Shaq’s jersey needs to be retired in BOTH Orlando and L.A. I wonder how long we’ll have to wait for that to happen.