Dirk Nowitzki Injures Finger

The Mavericks not only lost to the Heat on Tuesday night, Dirk Nowitzki tore a tendon on the middle finger of his left hand (not his shooting hand). Dirk doesn’t believe it will be a problem for the remainder of the finals.

I don’t think it’s going to be necessarily bothering me on my shot,” said Nowitzki, who practiced Wednesday with his finger taped in a splint. “It’s going to be other stuff — dribbling, passing, catching, swiping down, stuff like that. I think it will be OK.”

The ring finger on his left hand also won’t be getting a ring anytime soon either. Contrary to rumors, Dirk hasn’t proposed to his Swedish girlfriend Jessica Olsson. What’s with all the wedding announcements during the playoffs?

Curious about what Dirk’s new girlfriend looks like?