Paul George’s 360-Windmill Dunk At The Drew League [Video]


The Drew league is famous for it’s highlight moments. This weekend marked the first that active NBA players could take the court for summer pro leagues. On Saturday, Pistons guard Brandon Jennings dropped 57 points.   Sunday brought out more NBA players. NBA free agent Nick Young and Pacers All-Star Paul George suited up for MHP.

George made the highlight reel when he dropped a 360 dunk during the game.



And in other Paul George news, early last week, George filed for sole custody of his daughter Oliva. George met her mother, Daniela last summer in Miami during a fling. PG is apparently about that DWade/Chris Bosh parenting life, choosing to raise the child or attempting to get custody in order to avoid high child support payments… allegedly.

Among the reasons George’s petition said shared parental responsibility would be detrimental to the child:

• George “has the means and resources to be a fully involved parent and to capably care for the child.”

• George “is the best parent to care for the minor child on a day-to-day basis and to make necessary (decisions) for her in all areas of her life.”
• Rajic “is not capable of the care of the minor child” because she is “currently unemployed and has refused to seek or gain employment and is dependent upon others for the care of the child.”

George also wants to move the case back to Florida where they originally met. Child support laws must be friendlier there than in New York, George’s motion also requests a lowered support amount should he not receive sole custody.

George’s petition also requests that if he is not the custodial parent, the court award Rajic an amount “less than Florida’s child support guidelines.”



photos via @DrewLeague

video via @HoopsMixTape