NBA Free Agency: The Latest Update On Lebron, Carmelo & Chris Bosh


Maybe Today is the day that the dominoes really start to fall in NBA free agency. LeBron James is scheduled to meet with Miami Heat President Pat Riley. Perhaps will get some answers as Bron has to be in Vegas this week for his camp, and then in Brazil at the end of the week for the final World Cup match. A decision 2014 has to come soon.

LeBron is said to be making a decision between Cleveland and Miami. Yes, the King is thinking about returning home per “sources.”


Cleveland has picked up some nice pieces via the draft, locked down their young point guard, and his wife Savannah misses home as well. So it’s not impossible. Cavs owner Dan Gilbert reportedly flew to Miami to have a face-to-face meeting. Still seems unbelievable that Lebron could forgive all the bitterness that oozed from Gilbert’s open letter to LeBron four summers ago. But, the Cavs have finally removed that infamous letter from the site this morning.

Add in another possible domino that could switch things up, Chris Bosh. The Rockets reportedly know that snagging Carmelo Anthony is a long shot because they don’t have as much money to offer Melo. However, they do have enough money to offer CB an upgrade, and have reportedly stepped their efforts up in pursuit of Bosh. Texas, like Florida has no state tax. And it is Bosh’s home state. Now, the flip to that is this would free up money in Miami to make a run at Carmelo…

Carmelo is allegedly deciding between the Lakers and the Knicks. While the Knicks can offer the most money, the Lakers have  impressed Melo with their pitch. Kobe, Melo and Kevin Love were spotted playing pick up ball at UCLA over the weekend. BUT, keep in mind, LA doesn’t have a lot to offer outside of Kobe and playing for dynasty that the Lakers represent but maybe. Let’s not forget that secretly Jim Buss would probably love to stick it to Phil Jackson by stealing his marquee free agent.

What’s clear is that there are several moving parts to this. Chris Bosh might just be the X-factor. Teams can officially sign players beginning July 10th. Don’t you love free agency!