No countdowns just Kobe vs. LeBron, the last week of a decade

No Countdowns for me, just an end of the year face off. Kobe’s 44 points vs. Lebron’s 48 on his birthday.


Shaq gave LeBron a white Phantom for his 25th… wonder what he liked more?

Varejao’s game winning 3 was his 1st… EVER! But somehow all I can think about is that Dwyane Wade dunk from earlier this season. Sucks for him.

Spotted: Chris Brown & Usher Courtside but Fab & Drake performed at the King’s Birthday Extravaganza!

Funny, Kobe & Bron always seem to follow up the other’s big game with a statement game of their own. Well Kobe may have the ring but this season, if you’re keeping score, LeBron is ahead. I’m sure Kobe’s noticed.

*We haven’t even reached the half way point yet