Guns in the air… or Locker Room

Gilbert Arenas has always been a bit eccentric but his latest activities are MIND BLOWING:

Gilbert and teammate Javaris Crittenton (That’s a NAME) allegedly drew guns on each other over a gambling debt. Wait, not just brandishing firearms but doing so in the team LOCKER ROOM!!

Even Billy Hunter (Executive Director of The NBA’s player’s Association) is shocked! He’s stated that he’s never heard of players bringing guns into the locker room. I bet he’s longing for the days when Charles Oakley simply came to the opposing team’s shoot around and b*tch slapped anyone that owed him money (Oh you have no clue? 10 years ago, check that HERE ::giggles::)

Seriously though, did these guys forget what happened with Plaxico?? Something must be in the air or water in DC. Delonte West was in the DMV (DC Maryland Virginia) area when he was stopped over the summer riding down the highway on a three wheeler with guns strapped and a shotgun in a Guitar case.

Oh and for a few more laughs, please check out Gil’s twitter , nothing says I love my (allegedly) cheating fiance’ more than blasting her via twitter, about her still holding baby weight (she just recently delivered). The actual NUMBER on the scale (185) and why his New year’s eve party would start and end with a bottle of jergen’s lotion… wow.

Ummmm Ok Gil. Happy New Year to you too!

Check the highlights:

By the way, Gilbert also asked on twitter who he would have to sleep with to get to a million followers, I suggested Shaq… Tis all

Happy New Year!