Nike Hyperize – 90′s FlashBack!

As a former card carrying member of the Swoosh family, I always feel a certain way when a new commercial drops. Despite not having the big payoff in the finals, I loved MVPuppets.

When I saw the pictures from the Hyperize commercial, I instantly recognized bits and pieces from Nike’s history. The Tim Hardway commercials from the Playground that matched the crazy print “Velvet Jones” was rockin on his pants (That’s Kevin Durant for those on the late train). In full 90’s New Jack fashion! Word up to the BBD reference with Velvet sitting on the rim!
You have Andre Ig as “Chief Blocka ” complete with 4 finger ring and ol school celly. Looking like Radio Raheem from “Do the Right Thing”. Mo Williams as “Fog Raw” with the Jerri curl wig, he has THE GLOWWWWWWWWWWWWW! Doing his best to upstage Darryl Jenks in “Coming to America” (That boy Good!) Please tell me you got that “Coming to America” reference, if not Go catch it ONDemand its a classic! With Rashard Lewis as Ice-O. Yeah they left him with the Robert Palmeresque scene! The video immediately puts you in the mind set of a late 80’s, early 90’s NWA video! Or at the very least The West Coast’s answer to “Self Destruction”, “We’re all in the same gang” How hot would’ve Michelle’ cameo been in that commercial saying Hyperize in that baby voice of hers… Maybe not fuego but I would’ve loved it!
But better than all that West Coast Legend DJ Quik is featured, he produced the track as well. Throwin’ up my “Dub” for the West Coast & Nike!