Reggie Miller… Stalker??

If you haven’t been keeping up with the drama surrounding former NBA great (Current TNT analyst) Reggie Miller, let me give you a quick synopsis along with my take on the situation.

Over the weekend an LA. man Alex Von Furstenberg (son of famed Fashion Designer Diane von Furstenberg) claiming that Reggie Miller was stalking his fiancee rented a plane to fly over his Malibu neighborhood with a message to Reggie (and ALL of their mutual Neighbors) “Reggie Miller Stay away from Married women” … Ohhhhh SCANDAL! read more of those initial details here
As more of the story developed, my first and only question was why Alex and not Ali (his fiancee’ the alleged target of Reggie’s unwanted advances) was the one to request the restraining order (which was never actually filed) and why wasn’t Ali coming forward. My conclusion was simple, she was a willing participant in the foolishness.
The details as relayed in the application for the retraining order never truly made sense to me. Why did he have her cell number to begin with? Why didn’t she simply change her number after receiving those 50 plus “unwanted” text messages over a few hours (Anyone that’s “Cupcaked” via text message knows that’s not an absurd amount of texts in a back and forth text convo.)
Now Reggie’s camp has finally spoken out on the stalking allegations along with the photos that Ali sent to Reggie via text/e-mail. (photos from TMZ’s exclusive coverage)
I say this to Alex as I’ve said to many a friend or foe in the past. CHECK YOUR SIGNIFICANT OTHER! Should Reggie have respected the fact Ali was in a relationship? Of course but if she isn’t respecting it, why should he? Now everybody’s dirty laundry is in the street.
Oh and for those shocked that Reggie ALLEGEDLY implied that he had friends with guns to handle Mr. Von Furstenberg… Reggie is a west coast native, I’m sure he has some affiliations “just in case”!! Only joking.