Nick Young sparks Clippers 4th quarter comeback over Grizzlies [video]

The Clippers won their first playoff game since 2006. The Grizzlies dominated the first 3 quarters but a run sparked by three-3 pointers from Nick Young which cut a 12 point lead to 3 in the span of a minute in the fourth quarter. Check out every play from the fourth quarter comeback.

The Clippers had trailed by as amant as 27 points. One lowlight, Clippers lost forward Caron Butler who fractured his hand early in the third quarter when his hand was caught in a screen on Grizzlies forward Rudy Gay.

You can tell how physical this game was from this play where Zach Randolph hits the court hard but bounces back with a few push-ups to shake it off.

Did I not tell you this would be the most exciting series of the first round!?! I se this match-up easily going 7 games.