Nets say “Hello Brooklyn” [video]

It’s official, the new Brooklyn Nets logo has been revealed. People spend a lot of time mentioning the percentage of Jay-Z’s ownership but forget how big his stamp is over the marketing.


The newly minted Brooklyn Nets also released a “Hello Brooklyn” teaser which naturally features Jay-Z’s “Hello Brooklyn 2.0.” Connecting hip-hop to the franchise won’t just earn new fans here in America, but globally too. It creates an automatic heritage to the team. And you have to think, when your majority owner was recently contemplating running for the President of Russia,  a global brand has to be a part of the goal.

Because in all this, they’re still the Nets. A team with no star.


Irina Pavlova, a representative of Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov made this promise

“I can assure you, we’re committed to making the Brooklyn Nets a winner.”

photos via yahoo