NBA Western Conference Recap

Meanwhile, back in the NBA…

There were a few key match ups taking place in the Western Conference last night. While I admit my social life regulated me to “highlight watcher” last night (not such a bag thing, a well balanced Jill is crucial to success) I still managed to let Sports center and NBA TV’s Game Time serenade me to sleep.

Thunder over Jazz. Utah comes back from an East coast swing where the they looked invincible. They took down the Heat, Magic and Hawks all in swoop. Maybe they were winded but theThunder who has been working their way into the high expectations I and many others had set for them took down 113-108 with their biggest push coming in the 2nd and 3rd quarters

The Hornets were the last unbeaten team left in the NBA. Interesting stat I read about the last 3 seasons, the team who was last standing as unbeaten has made it to the finals. That’s cute but the Phil Jackson stats loom larger (hit the Lakers tag for details on a few. All end in another C for the Lakers at season’s end :smile:) I’ll stick with those. But that’s not a topic for today… The Mavericks took out the Hornets 98-95

The Nuggets faced off against the Suns with the Suns winning 100- 94. Aside from beating the Lakers (which I personally am ok with, the Lakers need a fire lit under them at times. Theo Ratliff having knee surgery isn’t a motivator) the Nuggets continue to just float aimlessly.

What are my Clippers doing. Not they were facing off against a Western Conference team last night but, I think they need me to attend more games considering the only game they’ve won this season was the 1 I was in attendance for. I’m their good luck charm. It’s happened before in seasons past. I was actually a season ticket holder the year they went to the playoffs. See the correlation… yeah they’re hurting my feelings right now.

The Warriors are looking unbeatable at home! Just hope the infection to David Lee’s elbow clears up. The Warriors’ Team Doctor’s response is now being called into question. Read up on that HERE