NBA Pre-Season Action: Lakers vs. Clippers; DeAndre Jordan Dunks On Pau & Andrew, Lob City & More [Video]


Photo via Jose 3030

It’s only the pre-season (6 more days until the NBA season officially kicks off) but I’m going to say that it’s not wrong to be excited about the Clippers this year. Wait, I know you hear that from me every year but if you watched the pre-season game last night between the Lakers and the Clippers, then you know that there is definitely a feeling of something different.

Clippers took this one 114-95. Lob City is in FULL EFFECT!! Or maybe “Lob Angeles?  Check out this DeAndre Jordan dunk over Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum

Remember Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan were #2 and #3 for dunks made last season…

That Chris Paul guy, 17 points, 9 assists and he connected with DeAndre for a lob. Don’t forget the Clippers signed Chauncey Billups too, he had 23 points AND connected with Blake for a lob off the backboard, “Lob City.”

Kobe went in the 3rd quarter he hit the court and landed on his right wrist after a block from DeAndre Jordan. Kobe stayed in the game another 3 minutes he seems to be ok :fingers crossed: Mamba finished up with 22 points. I think Josh McRoberts might turn out to be a decent pick up for the Lakers. His lone basket of the night was off of a KB pass and he had an assist where he quickly flipped it to Pau for 2. Will he replace LO, no but it could be ok. Steve Blake was the starting point guard, he had 5 assists. I have to tell you, it was cool to hear “World Peace” but he didn’t really do much for basketball peace.

Matt Barnes started the game at SF. He came up scoreless and only played for 11 minutes. He’s coming back from knee surgery. I have no comment on Mike Brown yet but, I wonder if he’s regretting his decision to purchase a home in the Orange County area now that it appears Kobe won’t be out that way anymore. Well, if something doesn’t go right pretty quickly for Brown and the Lakers, I’d imagine it may not matter where he chose to live.

But it’s too early for those thoughts right!
Like I’ve always said either way, I win when the Clippers play the Lakers (no really, check the archives I’ve always been a fan of both teams, don’t try to dictate my fandom bro) it’s cool to see the lil brother grow up. If there was ever a time for the spotlight to shift, this is it.

Awwww Kobe looks sad

The only down side to this. Clipper tickets used to be cheap and readily available. Not so much now. 🙁

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