Gilbert Arenas Interested In Signing With 3 Teams

Gilbert Arenas wasn’t picked up by a team off waivers but, if he has it his way there are 3 teams in the running for his services. Heat, Lakers and Knicks can all get Gil for the low or, whichever team trades for Dwight Howard.

The Knicks signed amnestied Cleveland Cavs guard Baron Davis for one-year for half of their exemption. And previously signed pg, Mike Bibby so I’d count them out.

I think teams have a small luxury window to see how their team comes together before adding a personality like Arenas.My gut says it’s into January or February before he’s picked up.

Meanwhile, Gil and his Baskeball Wives LA fiance, Laura Govan have donated $5,000 via their Zero Two Hero Foundation to assist families who are in need this holiday season. The recipients chosen were students from Oakland’s Edna Brewer Middle School & Oakland High School , Laura’s alma mater.


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