NBA Playoffs Round 1 update

* I love this commercial!!

– Tyreke Evans won rookie of the year. Eh, I’m ok with it but Brandon Jennings is shining in the playoffs and KILLED my round 1 prediction. I had full faith in him and he even surpassed my expectations!! #FeartheDeer (that’s so corny) how about Compton’s in the house… yeah that didn’t really work either… Bucks up 3-2 ready to shock the world!!

Brandon Jennings

– Cavs plowed through the Bulls (but no sweep) up next, the face off against the Celtics (yeah that 5 on 1 thing didn’t work out so well for the Heat. DWade had an incredible game on Sunday. Here’s hoping Bron’s elbow was just a Paul Pierce type injury. Game 1 of the 2nd round Celtics vs Cavs this weekend

– Orlando made quick work of the Bobcats. You could see how badly it killed MJ to have to just sit court side helpless. I bet he makes her permanent spot in a suite next year… While the Magic have free time waiting for the outcome of the Bucks/Hawks series, Dwight Howard was fined $35,000 for criticizing officials on his blog. He joins Stan Van Gundy & Matt Barnes in the $35K fine club… other star players?? Dwight do star players to refer to themselves as one??  STOP GETTING FOULS  cry baby!!

– Meanwhile out west, we’re still waiting for 2 of the 4 series to finish up.

– Denver on the verge of elimination came back to win the other night through TEAMWORK. Which according to Carmelo has been lacking. That and George Karl. They NEED his guidance on the side line. Tonight Utah tries to knock them out for good.

– Dallas ELIMINATED. I told you the regular season is never the problem with them. I admit it, I got caught up with the hype. I should have kept my original stance about the midseason trade. Nothing more than “moving parts”.

– 1st the Blazers shocked the Suns stealing game 1 IN Phoenix, then Brandon Roy returned to the court WAY ahead of  schedule to give the Blazers another emotional jolt. But the Suns ultimately did what was expected of them! Suns move on

– And Finally, My LAKERS vs THUNDER. So far it’s been pretty much as expected (well, I didn’t expect the Lakers to get blown out like they were in Game 4 but I did state 6 games) Kevin Durant has shown why he is ready for Superstar status in this league and Russell Westbrook has been incredible (That’s superb L.A. genes!!)  tonight The Lakers will attempt to wrap up the series with a win on OKC’s home floor. Let’s GO LAKE SHOW!! (and Ron if your jumper is still broken, please just defend and only shoot when necessary, UGH his defense on KD sort of makes up for his lack of offense)

* How sweet was it that Kobe’s parent were courtside at Tuesday’s game in LA