Basketball Wives Episode 4 recap

Yet again, SHAUNIE WINS!!! If you watched my sneak peek of this episode, you’ll recall the ladies came at Gloria regarding her SISTER‘s alleged relationship with Shaq. Did they really think she was going to side with THEM over her family? Gloria made a fan out of me with that clip but then I watched the entire episodeGloria and Royce went to dinner together and I found Gloria’s attitude towards Royce to be just as laughable as the ladies thoughts on how Gloria should respond to them regarding her sister. I’ve said it since episode ONE, the whole “Dancers want our men & Royce is a groupie” storyline is overblown and overused. We don’t need that carrot anymore, there are enough random juicy bits now…I realize Gloria is 23 but much like the following exchange between Jennifer, Susie & “Plastic Surgery Sandra”, I think women need to place the blame where it belongs, with the man who claims to love you…

Royce’s face throughout was PRICELESS!! We’ve all watched enough reality TV over he years to know the “meet up” was staged. And clearly Susie (whose underbite and lisp is a major annoyance) was planning the drink throwing from the moment “PS” walked up (how long does one really need to caress a glass) but again. WHY are you even giving this woman a chance to speak on YOUR husband to you?? If she’s just a “groupie” why bother? Her behavior is beneath you right?

Again as a woman, my heart ACHES for Jennifer, don’t really care for her TV persona but I bet a lot of it has to do with the things she’s going through with her husband.

I sincerely hope that she (they) are in a good place now. I will say it takes a brave sole to be this raw on camera for the masses.
This bonus footage is probably more in line with what a certain segment of viewers expected from the show.

But would you ACTUALLY watch if it was just this week after week??
Did I mention Shaunie’s a PIMP??? ::smile::