NBA Playoffs 2010- 1st round predictions

The playoffs start tomorrow! I am soooo excited. Below are my picks for the 1st round. You READY?? Let’s Go:

(1) Lakers vs. (8) Thunder

1st let me state that this match up saddens me because I wanted to see the Thunder advance to the 2nd round! They are one of my favorites and the no call on Kevin Durant a few weeks ago robbed them of a higher seed. Having said that, Phil Jackson is already doing his Zen Master number on KD, calling out his perceived “star treatment” by the refs.  I think DFish is going to have PROBLEMS with Russell Wesbrook. Great series. Lakers in 6

(2) Mavs vs. (7) Spurs

I hate the Spurs. No real reason I just do. Yeah yeah, Manu’s a beast. Tony Parker is fast. But I simply DO NOT care for the Spurs. I can’t even see me really watching this series but I do love the changes that Dallas has made. I was one of the non believers. I thought the trade was simply switching moving parts but the Mavs have shown a LOT over the last 2 months of the season. Then again, the “SEASON” has never really been where the problem lies for the Mavs. Mavs in 6

Suns (3) vs. Blazers (6)

Brandon Roy is in surgery today. The Blazers have been rocked by injuries (AGAIN)  The Suns have been En Fuego since the All-Star break ( 23-6) Suns in 5

Jazz (4) vs. Nuggets (5)

The Nuggets miss George Karl. The Jazz are currently without the services of Carlos Boozer.  It’s a toss up but I’d lean toward the Nuggets especially if Carlos doesn’t make it back in the line up quickly. Well let’s be real, I’d lean towards the Nuggets regardless because I like them more as a team (although I respect Utah and Jerry Sloan as a coach) Plus I like boys with tattoos… Nuggets

Cavs (1) vs. Bulls (8)

Really, do I even need to address this?? But I will take a moment to say, I think the Lakers are in trouble, the Cavs look great, the Lakers are hurt and out of sync. Why am I talking about the Lakers when I should be discussing the Bulls??? Ok come on… no shot CAVS in 4 (I want to be generous and say the Bulls can take 1 but… )

Magic (2) vs. Bobcats (7)

I think the Bobcats should change their name to the Flight, it fits for so many reasons but I digress… I don’t have a lot to say about this series. Magic get iffy at times but I don’t see the cats as being an issue for them. Magic in 5

Hawks (3) vs. Bucks (6)

Excited to see Brandon Jennings in his 1st playoff series but it won’t go beyond the 1st round. Hawks in 6

Celtics (4) vs. Heat (5)

Hmmm so how does this play out, old versus vacant (what?? You know DWade doesn’t have a lot of back up in Miami… at least not on the court) I’m on the fence because FLASH can impose his will and all it takes is a teammate or 2 to get hot against the Grand Pa’s… It’s a toss up. whoever it is will probably take it in 6 or 7. ::shrug:: I’m sorry I just don’t have an answer for you!

Check back to see how I did and feel free to leave me your thoughts and predictions!