Basketball Wives Episode 2 recap

Episode 2 was all about Evelyn and her Birthday/independence party. Annnnd her hesitance at inviting Royce to the festivities… :YAWN: sigh, I’m so over that theme already. Was that really the most exciting thing about Evelyn’s party?? Moving off of that and on to the more interesting story lines. But before I do, Evelyn’s birthday dress has me GAGGING (in a totally great way!)

Now, let’s focus on the things that WERE interesting to me on this episode it all related to Jennifer:

1st there was this scene from Evelyn’s birthday party

Now granted, all I know of Jennifer are the 2 episodes that have aired and her tweets BUTTTTTTTT she does seem to be one of those “faux” females.

But that’s not what solidified that thought for me. The interaction with Jen and her husband Eric “JJ” Williams… I mean WOW, I’d DIE.

Look, I understand that marriage is a WHOLE other level of commitment and that there will be rough patches to be worked through hence that part in your vows “for better or worst” HOWEVER damnnnnnnnn like that?? You dismiss your wife like that on what you know will be national TV. Not that he didn’t have a point or two but to basically say “get with it or not” while you’re smacking on a spare rib???

It’s gotta be love. If it’s anything less than that…. I just don’t know. And those TEETH… I can’t… I SIMPLY CANNOT. Ohhhhhh ALSO : Dead : that they felt the need to add captions to his conversation!

And where was Shaunie?? She’s like the tour guide. I told you she’s not trying to be to deep into it…

Shout out to Shaq for threatening Shaunie’s new guy through the kids. Divorce is an ugly thing. Check TMZ for more details on that.

“She twerk her va jay jay”- Noe

Let me know your thoughts on the episode and check back next week for episode 3’s recap.