MORE Basketball Wives drama

It seems every week there’s another scandal popping off related to the show and it’s participants. THIS WEEK’S Scandal (that YBF yet again got the exclusive info on… see a pattern developing??) Again involves Evelyn Lozanda and is related to the explicit pictures that popped up last week. During the course of the show Evelyn and her daughter were being “stalked” via text and e-mail. Allegedly the person behind the harassment is …

Vanessa Davis, wife of former NBA player Ricky Davis (was Ricky with the Celtics when Antoine was? I believe they were traded for each other along with a few others that moved Antoine out of Miami and RD into a Heat uniform)

It will be interesting to see how this all plays out. I’m sure there will be some new salacious details to come forward next week just in time to prep you for the next episode. DRAMA= Ratings

And this is a business after all!