Basketball Wives: Episode 3 Recap

The episode started out with the adventure to Orlando and dinner (check the sneak peek here if you missed it)

Gloria is obviously a little naive but, what else is she supposed to be, this is HER relationship and she doesn’t really know these ladies.   Also “stop snitching” applies in the NBA too I’d assume. Did they really think Matt was going to dish with them about what happens on the road… his 1st time meeting them… while cameras are rolling??? Nooooo they didn’t really think that.

Once again, Shaunie is missing in action but her name “RINGS BELLS” throughout the entire episode, “Shaunie said we should be nice”, “Shaunie’s husband allegedly slept with her sister (still wondering why Gloria agreed to do the show) Shaunie said jump up in the air and stay there :giggles: But you get the point, Shaunie is a PIMP.

My episode highlight this week again centers around Jennifer:

The ladies attended Chad OchoCinco’s superbowl party (which by the way was actually later the same weekend as Royce’s pool party performance” but I digress)

Apparently party wasn’t generating enough excitement for the ladies until this happened…

Ok, couple of things here. 1. Why are you approaching this broad??? Did she even breathe in your direction?? So WHAT she’s a groupie, why even acknowledge her? I could understand if the chick had said SOMETHING to her 1st. Or if she was being disrespectful in some fashion but it appears all she was guilty of is bad plastic surgery & extensions. THEN on top of that, you gave her the opportunity to say to you:
WOW. I think that sort of says it all no?
It’s always interesting to watch the twitter commentary as the episodes air and last night was no exception, OchoCinco had A LOT to say about the ladies attending his soiree’ as did one of his business associates. The guy basically implied that the ladies were engaging in “groupie behavior” themselves at the party and were extremely friendly with a few athletes in attendance. :shrug:
I’m just going to leave that alone. Also equally as interesting is watching the tweets of  various NBA players, Chris Douglas-Roberts even created a #BasketBallWidows trending topic. All in good fun of course. Per his final tweet on the topic, he doesn’t know any of the ladies personally. 🙂 My comment for him and other athletes that take issue with the show is to make better choices. QUALITY over QUANTITY (but that’s a different topic for another day I PROMISE I’ll follow up on)
Lastly, one of the more enduring moments happened after Royce received a “make over” courtesy of Jennifer. Initially my thought was here we go again with “what’s wrong with Royce we have to FIX her” but Royce’s reaction and their exchange was touching. (minus an earlier scene involving breast cutlets… that was just odd)

awwwwwwwwwwwww How sweet was that?
Check back Thursday for your episode 4 Sneak Peek and next week for Episode 4’s recap!