Are you Qualified for him? NFL player Dhani Jones list for love

– Dhani Jones (Random football player, you may know, I do not) stated that he had a list of requirements in order to date a woman. I’m all for lists, standards are good! But let’s take a look at his list:

  • smart
  • quick-witted, yet possesses a calming motherly quality
  • adventurous
  • sporty
  • speaks languages
  • cooks
  • tall, slender (but she can be a little bit thicker)
  • from a great background
  • well-traveled
  • huge heart
  • creative soul
  • strong
  • independent
  • stands firm behind her man (but not in front, perhaps beside)
  • long hair (no weave)
  • incredible hands
  • insatiable eyes
  • Exotic, maybe light brown/olive complected/mixed background
  • wants a huge family
  • can talk to a homeless person or a wealthy person (she can play in the mud in the morning and go to a black tie event at night)
  • she’s ok on her own but she loves her man
  • independently wealthy helps

Noowwww if a women were to say that this is what she’s looking for in a man, She’d be told she had a greater chance of finding a pet Unicorn. Oh and that she was a Gold Digger {Shout to Kerry Rhodes, I guess these football guys must be taking some incredible hits on the field} Again, for men there’s a requirement for women… a fantasy.

Although Mr. Jones has no worry of me signing up for the task, his fashion sense is nervous and I prefer my men minus the 70’s porn star chest hair… ICK!

I’m sorry that’s just gross to me, Here’s the link to his interview where he discussed his requirements and his show on the Travel Channel “Dhani Jones Tackles the world” Shade 45