Matt Barnes Goes After Bucks John Henson?

We don’t know what type of word play was exchanged Thursday night between Memphis Grizzlies forward Matt Barnes and Milwaukee Bucks John Henson. But we know that Matt Barnes took off into the locker room after him before the game was over, and that Henson had some sort of abrasion on his forehead that wasn’t there when he was ejected.

Wait, let me back up and start from the beginning.

John Henson blocked one of Matt Barnes shots late in the fourth quarter and taunted him after – maybe he mentioned Barnes estranged wife Gloria and Derek Fisher since photos dropped earlier the same day. Henson gets ejected for taunting.





After some discussion with the ref Barnes took off to the locker room. Several sources claim Matt hit the Bucks locker room to see if Henson was really “about that life.” Henson downplayed the altercation after the game, but there does appear to be a mark that wasn’t previously there…

Don’t pop off if you aren’t prepared to carry through.

The NBA is reportedly investigating the incident. Matt isn’t afraid of a fine.