3 Break Babies & an Engagement, Amber Rose’s New Love and Kyrie Irving’s “Baby Mama Drama”

The lifestyle of a professional athlete can be many things. This week in “The Life” we see new love blossoming with Amber Rose and Raptors Terrance Ross, break babies – yes plural – and engagement rings with Giants Landon Collins, Cavs Kyrie Irving‘s baby’s mama hits up his boo Kehlani on Instagram, and a social media war over three fingers with no vaseline, between admitted prostitute Katrina Powell and former NBA player Terrence Williams.

First up, since March 20th was the first day of Spring, let’s take a look a new love.


Toronto Raptors guard Terrance Ross has Amber Rose smitten. Last week Amber was a guest on ESPN’s His and Hers while attending SXSW. Rose detailed how Ross captured her heart during this year’s NBA All-Star weekend in Toronto.


Ummm, that’s my boo — for sure. He just came in my life and swept me off my feet. He’s a really, really great guy and I’m really happy. We met over All Star Weekend. We actually hosted a party together. I didn’t really know who he was at the time and we just had a connection. And we’ve just been having so much fun together.

Amber was recently on E! network’s new show “Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry,” where the psychic informed her pre-Terrance, that her next love would be involved with sports and his name would start with the letter “T.”



New love and baby mama baggage


You can’t help who you fall in love with, and sometimes the timing of the situation seems like an automatic link to heartache, or at least a little social media drama. Singer Kehlani learned that over the weekend. Kehlani and Cleveland Cavaliers star Kyrie Irving are early in their relationship. Kyrie is a new dad and his daughter’s mother left an Instagram message for Kehlani on The Shade Room, after Kehlani responded to a post rapper The Game made mentioning her in an inappropriate manner. She would like Kehlani to ensure Kyrie is a better dad.


3 Break Babies and an Engagement

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