LIVE- From Marbury’s brain

If you haven’t partaken in some of the Fuckery that is Stephon Marbury’s livestream ( do it NOW before the L.A. County Mental Health officials come get him.

Starbury has been broadcasting live pretty much for the last 3 or 4 days. Showing the world what I feel most of the NBA community has known for years, DUDE IS CERTIFIABLE! Makes me wonder how much help the League or Player’s Association has tried to get for him. Is it even really their responsibility to do so? One thing is for sure, I doubt he makes it to any team’s roster this year. Artest walking around in his under ware is one thing for a team to cover up (oh you haven’t heard that story coming out of Houston yet… there will be more) but this thing with Steph is on a whole other level.
You want to believe that he’s just a little eccentric. That maybe he really IS just that moved by his faith to cry on the net, That eating Vaseline is one of those backwoods old wives tales someone is his family told him, he really WAS paying tribute to Mike with that performance or that telling ladies to throw their #1’s in the air while Drake plays over and over and over is fun for a random Monday afternoon.
How do you stop a train wreck? Maybe you don’t. Sometimes it takes an explosion to clear everything out of the way. Celebs, athletes, the chick that works at the mall, everybody has their own channel right now, makes you wonder how the handlers will protect their clients from themselves. Oh I plan to keep watching just not sure how funny it’ll continue to be.
Stiletto Jill U stream channel coming soon!!