Lebron James Says Chris Paul Is The Best Point Guard In The NBA

Chris Graythen/NBAE/Getty Images Sport

The New Orleans Hornets are off to the best start in franchise history and Chris Paul looks like he’s making a case for Most Improved Player. The offseason was a roller coaster ride for Hornets fans. First there were concerns about Chris Paul returning from a meniscus tear in his left knee that kept him sidelined for most of last season. Then over the summer there were the rumors that CP3 wanted out of New Orleans. Somehow management alleviated whatever fears about the team CP3 was having (in addition to the fact that he was under contract for another few years so he didn’t really have a choice) and now the pieces seem to be coming together.

The Hornets now stand at 6-0 and if you believe ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, have just given the rest of the league and blueprint for beating the Heat. The keys: Be physical with Bosh (this isn’t news, a consistent flaw when he was in Toronto), Limit transition chances, Get into the paint on the dribble (this shouldn’t be a surprise as PG and Center are the Heat’s weakest positions) and playing the law of averages. James Jones and Eddie House both had a bad shooting night from the 3 point line. The 3 is a big part of the Heat offense, with Lebron & DWade to cover, someone is going to be left open on the perimeter, when that person (lately James Jones) has a hot hand, you’re picking your poison. An off night with 3’s coupled with the above strategies might be the key to success.

But I digress, if this play is any indication of how Chris Paul plans to attack the basket this season, a lot of teams are in trouble

It was waved off but you see my point. He ended this game with 19 assists and 5 steals, If Trevor Ariza develops chemistry with CP3 that could be an intriguing tandem. Perhaps Lebron James said it best

Although I’m sure Rondo, Derrick Rose and Russell Westbrook have an opinion on the topic. 2 weeks into the season and so much discussion! I LOVE THIS GAME!