Lakers skid, pop and add a little color…

3 in a row isn’t great when the “3” refers to a losing streak. for the 1st time in 2 years the Lakers have lost 3 games straight. Sunday’s game against the Magic had a little bit of everything:

* Matt Barnes and Kobe Bryant had a few exchanges

My favorite part was when Matt pump faked at Kobe and all mamba did was pop his gum (waaaiiittt I probably should’ve said something a tad more masculine like gnaw but, whatever)

This was a pretty physical game. Vince Carter had 15 in the 1st quarter. Lamar Odom Probably ended up on Sports Center last night on the wrong end of a highlight clip

The Academy Awards were on last so the only highlights I watched involved formal gowns!!

*Which is the perfect segueway into an “interesting” (if you were standing in front of me I’d be making air quotation marks with my fingers to emphasize INTERESTING) fashion choice from ya boy Ron Artest.

The Tru Warrior decided he wanted to dye his hair BLONDE with purple lettering in 3 languages that said Defense. Because everybody knows the way to show you’re a defensive specialist is to inscribe it into your head

He even posted a video of the process…

yeahhhhhhhh ok, They even interviewed his barber during one of the segments during the telecast.

* So the Magic take this one 96 to 94, we split the season series. Kobe found his shot 34 points, 7 assists… Next time Batman!!! Next time

Wait, I guess I mean next time Superman??? I thought he was over that nickname…