Lakers Sign Former Pacer Josh McRoberts

Lamar Odom is gone and it doesn’t look like Dwight Howard is making his way over to Laker land. Today the team used their mini mid-level exception of $2.5 million per year on Josh McRoberts. A decent enough player but probably not enough to fill the void left from the trade of Lamar Odom.

You want to be hopeful that Jim Buss has an actual plan. That a plan B or C is in effect and won’t have an outcome like 2004-2005 season. You trade the sixth man of the year for nothing, you don’t inform your franchise player and Josh McRoberts is your splashy free agent signing… ANNNDDDDDDD there’s a new coach, Bynum suspension for the first 5 games… le sigh.

At least we know Josh has a little Hollywood in him, I was entertained by his White Men can’t jump(dunk) parody video for All-Star last season