NBA Weight Watchers: Kendrick Perkins, Eddy Curry, Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis & Charles Barkley

One of the things NBA fans have been on the look out for, which player was going to return from the lockout not just out of shape but seriously “chunky.” The Shawn Kemp of the 2011 lockout. Instead, it looks like exactly the opposite happened with many.

A couple of the league’s notorious “fluffy” guys have returned in a more svelte package.

Oklahoma City Thunder Kendrick Perkins has stepped back on the scene 32 pounds lighter (and onto Twitter, he’s pretty funny)

Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis showed up to his new home with the Orlando Magic looking like he also dropped a few and hit the weights hardcore

Eddy Curry’s weight troubles have been an NBA punchline for several years. He showed up at the Heat camp obviously slimmer (his weight is floating somewhere around 330, the Heat were hoping for 300 but it’s progress, right)

NBA legend and Inside the NBA host, Charles Barkley has gotten on board with Weight Watchers. Chuck lost 27 pounds in 10 weeks from the service and is now one of their endorsers for a new program that targets men, “Lose like a man.” In total, Chuck is down 41 pounds.

See, even guys can be obsessive about their weight!

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