Lakers own the best home record in the NBA

The trade deadline has passed and now we’ll be able to tell which teams benefited from the moves. The Lakers won their 19th straight game at home and are owners of the NBA’s best home record. Ramon Sessions was in uniform for the team against the Minnesota Timberwolves. Sessions played 19 minutes scored 7 points and had 5 assists. For the moment, Blake is still the starting point guard but I feel that will change soon.

After the game Kobe spoke on the trading of Derek Fisher. While he mentioned that Derek was his closest friend in the NBA, he also said he understood why the move was necessarily. Sounds like Sessions and Jordan Hill (who DFish was actually traded for) meet his stamp of approval.

The Lakers are winners of 5 in a row and are 2 games behind the Spurs for first place in the Pacific division. I’ve said all along what the Lakers needed more than Dwight Howard was a point guard. This could all be coming together at the right the time.

Can someone let Jordan Hill know he needs to let that hair go though. No, seriously, that’s not working!


photos via Lakers