Lamar Odom blaming Khloe and their reality show for issues in Dallas?

When the pressure is on, everybody will shoulder some of the blame. Lamar Odom is having one of his worst seasons as a pro with the Dallas Mavericks. Now it seems as if Lamar is looking for somewhere to place the blame and has allegedly started with his wife Khloe and the Kardashian family.

A new report from In Touch Weekly (via their print edition) claims Lamar is blaming Khloe–and the Kardashian television dynasty–for his basketball troubles! Also upsetting the NBA star was filming Khloe & Lamar in the midst of the trade, their fertility issues, and a big move. In fact, insiders are insisting things are really bad for the seemingly unbreakable couple.

“He resents the show for taking his focus off the game,” a source close to Lamar reveals. The source adds that Lamar feels reality television and his association with the Kardashians has ruined his reputation! And Lamar is blaming the show for his trade to Dallas and the all the scrutiny over his personal life for his basketball woes.

As a result of his frustrations, Lamar is isolating Khloe and has even stopped being intimate with her! “He really shut down and told her to leave him alone for awhile,” the friend shares. Lamar is so upset he’s even stopped undergoing fertility treatments with his wife.

“Khloe is trying to stand by him, but it’s hard,” the source shares. “He’s always so angry.”

Lamar is the one who forced a trade from the Lakers- after finding out the Lakers were going to trade him to obtain Chris Paul- had he calmed down, he might still be with the team. The show wasn’t a burden when things were going well. And the Lakers appeared behind him on that in. Although, probably not Jm Buss who each year gets more control over the team as his father Jerry transitions out of the day to day role.

Every relationship has a test. So far Lamar and Khloe have been blissfully rolling along in the honeymoon phase.