Lakers On The Verge Of Being Eliminated From The Playoffs By The Mavericks

Yes, I know the Lakers- MY Lakers- are down 0-3 to the Dallas Mavericks. Yes I saw Phil Jackson get up out of his chair and coach last night, not just use the powers of Zen. But you know what, if there is any team that could be the first to come back from 0-3 to win the series, it’s the Lakers.

It has to happen at some point right? Faith is the belief in your dream when logic is absent. Le sigh.

Kudos to Phil for getting in Pau’s chest last night. Pau says he needs to “snap out of it.” Uh yeah, you think?? Oh and the girlfriend was at the Lakers last home game with Pau’s mom so don’t believe the hype, Pau is just being soft. Andrew Bynum backed up his words, more of this please!!




We just have to win one game…