Celtics Come Up Big In Game 3 Against The Heat, Rondo Dislocates Elbow [Video]

Whoa, Boston wasn’t about to let the Heat put them in the 0-3 hole like the Lakers. Celtics beat the Heat 97-81. The only down side to the win was Rajon Rondo dislocating his left elbow on this play against Dwyane Wade.


That was ugly. They popped it back in and he returned but his left arm was just hanging there. He even had a steal and a dunk after that. Thug life for real! Rondo is SERIOUS! Celtics were up 10 when he got hurt and by 16 when he returned.

KG was an animal this game with 28 points and 18 rebounds. Jeff Green finally showed up. I think he’s still finding his way. As close as those guys were in OKC, it’s more than just going to a new team, I’m sure he misses his friends too. Yeah I know, it’s a business. But that doesn’t mean people lose who they are.

Shaq looks old and hampered, he should retire. It’s sad to see. I guess he can’t imagine life out of the spotlight. I think he should pitch some sort of variety show. Keeps him in the limelight but off the court. TRANSITION, everybody has to do it. Plan ahead.

Joel Anthony was big this game, where was Chris Bosh.