Lakers bring in Gilbert Arenas for private workout

Clearly the Lakers are in desperate need of a point guard. If you watched any of the games from the “Grammy road trip,” you saw this fact painfully illustrated night after night. The Lakers had a private workout with Gilbert Arenas over the weekend. At this point, no idea is a bad idea. It’s said they even reached out to Allen Iverson but, they wanted him to spend some time on their D-League team to make sure he was NBA ready. Apparently he declined.

But back to Gilbert. Per S.I, Arenas has worked his way into shape and also had the same platelet-rich therapy treatment Kobe had to his knees and to his hips as a preventative measure. But if Gil is the answer, please let it be “Hibachi” Gil and not the Magic one.

Picking up a free agent as opposed to trading away one of their assets is probably appealing to the Lakers because, let’s face it having two seven-footers isn’t just a luxury for the team at this point. After they address their guard issues maybe then they can find a serviceable small forward too. Baby steps actually, toddler steps… a sense of urgency is needed.

Check out footage of Gilbert dunking at some point this month in NYC. He posted it to his Youtube account.


video via Los that sports blog